Medical curtain manufacturer PRVC Systems announces the extension of customer support to architectural specifications

Medical curtain and splint manufacturer PRVC Systems has announced expansions to its customer service facilities.

PRVC Systems, one of the leading manufacturers of clinical and shower curtain in the United States, has announced that the company is expanding its customer service. Your customers can now expect expert architectural specification information for their purchases from the PRVC Systems customer service team.

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The expanded architectural specifications support multiple facets of architecture and construction related to PRVC curtain systems. This includes documentation on product specifications, scope of work, materials recommended in typical environments, and installation instructions for the products.

PRVC systems Customer Support Page also contains detailed information about the product specifications of PRVC booth curtains and track systems. Customers can also view pictorial product descriptions of the Cabin Curtain Flat Sided Oval Track and PRVC Cart System, as well as installation instructions for the Cabin and Shower Curtain Systems. The installation guide is uploaded to help the customer handle their products exactly as intended. It provides detailed information on the tools needed to install the curtains and their tracks, the parts included with the product order, track and bracket installation instructions, instructions for hanging the curtains on tracks, and cleaning instructions for PRVC’s curtains and tracks.

Readers will also find the essential legal information too PRVC systems Products on the Customer Support Page. This includes details regarding the Limited Product Warranty, Product Returns Policy, Privacy Policy, information about PRVC’s intellectual property and the terms and conditions the company adheres to. Customers who want to learn more about the intricacies can contact customer service.

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The PRVC Systems customer support team encourages customers to email photos or blueprints of areas that require curtains or rails in order to more accurately respond to customer inquiries. It helps customers to make the most of the architecture specification support services offered by the company.

Readers can contact PRVC Systems customer service to learn more about their products and specifications by visiting the official website at The site also catalogs all of the products offered by PRVC Systems, along with product descriptions to help visitors choose the curtain system that best suits their needs.

A representative from PRVC Systems explained the reasons for all the company’s efforts to improve the quality of customer support. “We believe in more than just a sale; our team has always worked with the belief that excellent customer service is one of the cornerstones of a successful business. At PRVC Systems we believe in winning loyal customers through our good customer service. Our customers know they can reach us through our website, email and phone number; we will leave no stone unturned to advise and assist you with the product’s architectural specifications, warranty information and return policy. Our customer service team is also well trained to be able to respond to any legal or regulatory inquiries related to your specific purchase.”

About PRVC Systems™

PRVC Systems™ is an American brand best known for their brand new PRVC systems for cabin and shower curtains. The company’s new systems are designed to make switching easier and faster. The curtains are designed not to bind to the track, ensuring they are quieter compared to traditional grommet curtains on the market.



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