Law Firm Stuart M. Kerner, PC Announces 5M Settlement for Bus Accident

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The law firm of Stuart M. Kerner, PC is pleased to announce a $5 million settlement on behalf of one of its clients for a bus accident that was run over by a New York City Transit Authority bus. The client suffered a massive injury to his right leg and thigh, to the point of exposing the bone. After numerous surgeries, repairs, and transplants, the patient had sustained permanent nerve damage. The patient can no longer sense or feel the leg. The client had contacted the law firm of Stuart M. Kerner, PC for assistance in pursuing this matter. These Bronx accident attorneys, along with their trial attorneys, have filed a lawsuit against the NYCTA. As in any similar situation, NYCTA charged the pedestrian, but the jury returned a verdict and after the appeal upheld $5,120,000.

Law Firm Stuart M. Kerner, PC

Bronx slip and fall attorneys also had another $2,500,000 settlement when a Bronx resident was injured in a slip and fell on ice in a poorly lit parking lot, suffering multiple ankle fractures, resulting in multiple led operations. That Bronx attorneys have concluded more than 30 settlements in favor of their customers in several accident scenarios. This shows that these lawyers strive to find the best outcome for their clients. Bronx attorneys can get excellent compensation because they work long and hard to be fully prepared to take action against the insurance companies and their attorneys. They prepare each case for trial and will not accept a settlement offer until it has fully compensated clients for all their physical injuries and losses.

“Mr. Stu Kerner is an excellent attorney. He was responsive and professional. We won my case and got much more than I expected. I highly recommend him,” says Maria S, a satisfied client. All insurance companies have attorneys who work in the best interests of these companies, so why wouldn’t an ordinary New York citizen have a strong advocate with years of experience fighting insurance companies? Accident Attorneys in the Bronx have an impressive track record of delivering beneficial outcomes for their clients. The Bronx car accident and slip-up attorneys and their paralegals assist clients in all aspects of the case. This gives them time to focus on getting the right medical care and treatment they need. The Stuart M. Kerner Law Firm team always offers a free consultation at home, in the hospital or at the law office. This recognized Accident Attorneys in the Bronx have represented clients for almost 25 years and have built a strong reputation for excellent service.

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Law Offices of Stuart M. Kerner, PC is a Bronx, New York law firm founded in 1997 and committed to fighting to protect the rights of people who have been victims of physical harm. The firm consists of Bronx accident attorneys with experience in all types of personal injury cases, motor vehicle injuries, slips, trips and falls, dog bites, wrongful death, medical malpractice, police brutality, construction injuries, building and terrain accidents and the like.



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Law Firm Stuart M. Kerner, PC

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